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Our Farm is located in South Florida. We absolutely love living in South Florida. Not only do we have beautiful beaches, but we also have the Florida Everglades. For all you horticulture buffs, we are located in climate zone 11. This unique climate zone allows us to grow a wide array of beautiful tropical foliage and fruit trees (mangoes, citrus, macadamia nuts, pineapple, papaya, etc). We are also extremely lucky to have many established wild populations of tropical and sub-tropical animals that frequently visit, and in some cases, choose to live on our farm. It is really neat to see a gopher tortoise eating fallen mangoes under a tree, watching brown basilisks running around trying to catch dragonflies, watching knight anoles stalk beetles, seeing wild parrots at the bird feeders, watching the male brown anoles battle during breeding season (they are very entertaining and they are EVERYWHERE). I promise this is not a tourism advertisement for Florida :-) We just feel very privileged and content to live on our South Florida farm.


Something that you may not know about U.S. Iguana is that we are a working organic fruit, vegetable, and ornamental nursery. We are a registered USDA farm and certified with the Florida Department of Agriculture. We grow mangoes (several varieties) , lychee (if you have not tried a lychee, YOU MUST, there is nothing like a bowl of chilled lychees), miracle fruit, peaches, canistel (egg custard fruit), carambola (star fruit), various bananas, plantains, various avocados, cashew nuts (you may not be aware that cashew nut trees also produce a fruit), macadamia nuts, Barbados cherry, sugar apple, longan, loquat, jakfruit, black sapote, soursop (guanabana), akee, pomegranate, papaya, oranges, tangerines, grapefruit, lemons, limes, keylime, guava, sapodilla (If you eat a ripe sapodilla, you will be a fan for life), tapioca, pineapple, hot peppers (various varieties), aloe, giant hibiscus trees, coconuts, bamboo, and a variety of palm trees.

Heather Bailey
Heather and a Celebrity Cameron and Turtle


Some of the native and non-native wildlife that we have the privilege to see around our farm are wild gopher tortoises, sandhill cranes, ibis, burrowing owls, brown anoles, green anoles, knight anoles, green iguanas, brown basilisks, bufo toads, cuban tree frogs, peepers, rabbits, hummingbirds, skinks, geckos, and a wide variety of song birds.

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