U.S. Iguana is one of the largest Albino Iguana and Iguana Morph breeding facilities in the World. As of July 8, 2011 U.S. Iguana became the first in the World to produce offspring from an Albino x Albino Iguana breeding. Until now, this had never been accomplished. Don't let our name fool you, besides being a premier Iguana Morph farm, we are also very involved in other reptile and amphibian projects including: Super Rare (One of a Kind) Ball Pythons, Albino Sulcatas, Hypo Leopard Tortoises, Hypo Redfoot Tortoises, Golden Greek and Dark Greek Tortoises, Turtle Morphs, Various Frog and Toad Projects, Anery Savanna Monitors, Papuan Pythons, and many, many other projects. Renee
First few Albino eggs hatching

An Albino Star is Born

Meet "Mustaine", the World's very first baby from an Albino x Albino Iguana breeding. Mustaine is doing excellent, eating fresh greens hardily, and is vigorously exploring his surroundings with his Albino siblings. We will be posting updated pictures of Mustaine and his siblings in a few days.

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